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It has been exactly three months since the lockdown was announced due to the threat of corona virus (Covid-19). Even though the locks have become loose lately, there is still confusion as to when the educational institutions will be operational. Due to which more than 7 million students across the country have been affected. The Ministry of Education, Science and Technology has started teaching through alternative means, albeit belatedly, amid fears that this year's academic session will collapse when the school closes. Targeting students in grades 1 to 10, the government has introduced a policy of conducting radio, TV, online and message or face-to-face classes. The government plans to involve those who have access to these various options. However, due to a lack of adequate information, most students are still unable to participate in the learning process. While private schools are conducting online classes for students who are well-off and have access to information technology, students with a different family background than those in private schools are being deprived of learning alternative mediums.

The government has allocated Rs. 250 million for conducting classes through alternative means. Under which 753 local levels will receive three to five lakh rupees. In the first phase, the Education and Human Resource Development Center have prepared an educational program schedule until July 30, in which educational materials have been prepared for conducting classes by alternative methods. Even though it has been said that the study will be conducted from July 20, the amount has not reached the local level yet. It seems that it will take more time for the money from the local level to reach the school. This makes it difficult for the government to publish adequate educational materials from the funds allocated by the government. Because of the lockdown, the teachers are living in a different district than at home. The guideline on alternative learning implemented by the government states that teachers who are far away from the school where they are teaching should contact the local level where they live and work in the same place. Thus, mobilizing teachers in different districts is an additional challenge in the current situation.

It is a positive thing to try to teach students in a different style to the students who are accustomed to reading under the supervision of teachers in the school on a daily basis. However, the effectiveness of alternative education has been questioned as the program is not clear on students who are out of reach of all four alternative mediums. Although the government has adopted four options for the time being, it has not been able to estimate how many students will participate in which option. Private schools have been urging parents to enroll students. However, due to the Corona epidemic, the government has asked not to take any action related to the recruitment program. Although the government has decided to promote alternative learning programs, the teachers have not contacted the students as per the guidelines and the local levels have not done any research. Efforts to start studies through alternative means to solve the problem created by the lockdown are positive. The state must also ensure that no student is deprived of the learning process. This program will be meaningful if measures can be taken to rectify the problems that have arisen in this program by paying attention to the fact that this program is not like a budget-driven program.

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