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Action Research : Model Sixteen

Researcher:- Yadav Prasad Dhakal

Intuition:- Shree Sitaram Secondary School Nagarjun 6, Kathmandu

Subject:- Science              Level:- Secondary


Topic:- How  to write molecular formula in chemistry?




Teaching is one of profession of the world that should be effective and relevant according to time. The theoretical and practical norms are very important terms in the education. Teaching is affected by several factors that should treat then our teaching profession becomes effective in class. Teaching should conduct according to need and interest of the student. The psychological and pedagogical views are the essential sector of the teaching. I have involving in teaching profession since 2059 Bs. In that time, I have been faced several problems that dispatch low educational achievement in science subject in my school. I have feel difficulty to teach to write molecular formula to the student. I have several practices to write molecular formula to the student in class nine but they feel also difficult to write So, I have selected this topic for the action research.


Statement of problem:-

Students couldn't write molecular formula in class nine


Identification of problem:-

Most of the student are unable to write molecular formula in  chemistry science that creates the students were going   to failed in chemistry So, I have been tried to solve this problem in my classroom . I hope that this action research helps to solve this problem.


Objectives of Research:- The main objectives of this action research  are  as follows:

  • To write molecular formula in chemistry.


  • To constructs structure of an atom.


  • To create educational environment in class room


  • To increase educational achievement in science subject.


Possible causes of problem:-

  • Lack of practice


  • Lack of student centered approach


  • Lack of management of class room


  • No use suitable method to understand


Alternative method of Solution:-

  • Repeating of lesson


  • Use of student centered method


  • Use of periodic table


  • Group discussion


  • Use of proper valance table


Research method process and implementations:-

Research methods:-

  • Group discussion role


  • Satellite method


  • Hot chair technique


  • Self learning approach


Research design:- Both qualitative and quantitative

Sample selection:- 36 students of Class nine

Time period:- 15 days


Step of research (Research procedure):-

First cyclic:- I have been followed following the steps Plan, Action Observation and Reflection.....

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