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सिक्ने सिकाउने हाम्रो अभियान :-

 The United Nations General Assembly declared December 23, 2010, to be International Women's Day. The United Nations has defined single women as those who have lost their husbands, lost their husbands, divorced or remained unmarried. Every day is important in itself. Single Women's Day is also being celebrated on June 23 to address the poverty, discrimination and injustice faced by millions of single women and their dependents. However, single women still do not enjoy social discrimination, violence and dignified life. The pain and social neglect of single women are still becoming public. In Nepali society, there are still single women who are accused of witchcraft. Those who deserve to be respected have been subjected to social injustice, deprivation and inhumane treatment. In the decade since we started celebrating Single Women's Day, many changes have taken place in the political arena in Nepal as well. Various acts and laws related to gender equality and women's rights were enacted. However, due to the lack of full implementation, the rights of single women are being overshadowed.

There are more than 1.6 million single women in Nepal, which is 6 percent of the total population. Even though there is a single woman (Vidyadevi Bhandari) in the highest post of the state, i.e. the President, the pain, problems and discrimination faced by a single woman have not been reduced. President Bhandari is certainly not ignorant of the current problem of single women. No woman's birthright should be violated by living alone, separated from her husband. It is the responsibility of the state to create an environment in which the 1.6 million women live in the society in a dignified manner. Although there has been some change in the general perception and behavior about single women in recent times, different views are being taken about single women in society. Of course, women who have been struggling alone deserve respect. Those classes need help, consolation, encouragement and good behavior from those who are conscious in society. But the life of a single woman becomes hellish due to the destiny of suffering abuse, violence and insults from those who need help, harmony and love. When women are deprived of the right to live with their heads held high in society, single women become even more victims.

Those who struggle as single women in the society are our mothers, aunts, uncles, mothers-in-law and sisters. As a single woman, the destiny of being mentally harassed by society, family and relatives has shown that discrimination persists. Lately, there have been works in favor of single women. For example, after the death of a husband in government service, the law provides for the right to receive a pension, insurance and compensation, to receive property in the name of the husband, even in the event of a divorce, the right of a woman to take part and even to marry voluntarily. Although the government has run various skill-based, employment-oriented, legal aid and medical treatment programs to save the lives of single women and their dependent families, single women have not been able to lead a dignified life due to various discriminatory practices. The government should be vigilant for the implementation of religious, cultural, economic, social and political rights for single women. It is necessary to respect the single woman by effectively implementing the law and ending the discriminatory treatment, tradition or customs of the single woman.

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