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Action Research : Model Fourteen

Prepared by: Jhalaknath Timalsena

Teacher at: Shree Sarwajyoti Secondary School

 Address: Vyas- 10, Tanahun


An Action Research on Grammar



English has been taught and included in the curriculum of Nepal from the beginning level to university. But these days it has become a major obstacle for satisfactory educational achievement in Nepal as most of the learners tend to face failure in English. Here the knowledge of grammar is needed to use English contextually and practically. Grammar helps students to use English according to the situation. So, grammar is known as the backbone of the English language.

This research is related to the grammar teach through the students center methods; inductive methods to give the concept of correct grammar use according to the context.


Statement of the Problem

Especially on government school, many students at lower secondary level feel difficulties in different aspects of language like language skills, vocabulary, communication function grammar etc. Among them changing direct speech into indirect speech is one of threw common problems of my students in my class.


The objective of the study

Objectives of the study were given below:

  • To use inductive method for grammar teach.


  • To give the knowledge of correct grammar use (direct speech in to indirect speech)


Selection and Prioritization of the strategies

We know that, it is good to select different kinds of teaching materials, teaching techniques, as well as teaching strategies. So   I had selected inductive teaching techniques to teach grammar item changing direct speech to indirect speech. I gave enough time and priority to use inductive techniques to teach grammatical item changing direct speech to indirect speech. I used following strategies:

  • Motivated students through  the previous  lesson


  • Provided different concept of speech through discussion methods.


  • Used flash cards with example.


  • Provided task related with the lesson in a group.


  • Provided many examples.


  • I played the role of facilitator.


  • Gave time to students to  present their work in front of all  students 


  • I provided them feedback in a friendly environment.



Step with Action :

First Cycle


S.N. What to do? Why to do? How to do? When to do?
1 Use of inductive method Enable students to change from direct to indirect speech Use examples for each different types of sentence using flash cards First two days of Falgun,2077



To learn grammar in my class, Students were habituated with the deductive approach. They knew the rules which they couldn’t use it. Their concentration was on the usage of language and they .........

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