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Action Research : Model Seventeen 

By : Hom Bahadur Thapa Magar

School: Kamal Basic School

Address:  Kamalpokhari, Kathmandu


Action Research on Improving Reading Skill at Primary Level




It is often said that most of the students studying in government schools go through various problems for learning English language. I also found students quite weaker in English subject compared to other subjects, so I have thought to find out those problems that have created some obstacles for students to learn English as their second language.

Due to those problems left unsolved by the concerned authorities and persons involved in teaching field, learning English language for students in government schools might have been really difficult in so many aspects. And, on the other hand, language learning happens only with the proper learning of all the language-skills. That is to say the proper learning of language skills is what makes students or language learners able to learn language very well.

Pondering up on the progress made by the students studying in class-3 here in Shree Kamal Basic School, Kamalpokhari, I happened to be excited to search for some insights regarding the causes of these problems pulling our students back for learning English and find the solution to them in time. I found our students being lack of language skills making their language learning very slow. So, the content for my action research report is the way forward to the problems for one of the language skills, reading, I found to be dealt with.


2.Statement of the Problem

At Shree Kamal Basic (English Medium) School where I have been teaching for almost a year, there are ten students in class-3. I do have English class there. And, so far as I have experienced and got to know their language efficiency, I found them weak in English. Again, having thought about their weaknesses in English which is being taught by me, I made some efforts to have some insights regarding their efficiency they have in English language. And then, I found them quite weaker at reading compared to other skills required for learning English language well. So, I have conducted this action research to address the problems faced by our students to improve their reading skill, reading in class-3 for making their language learning easier, faster and better, too.


3.The objective of the Study


The main objective of this study is to improve the reading skill of students from class-3 to help them learn English language better. In other words, making the students learn to read the words for the improvement of their overall reading skill.


4.Scope and Limitation of the Study


This study is focused on the improvement of reading skill of students studying in class-3. Moreover, the researcher has tried to address problems that the students reading only in class-3 at Shree Kamal Basic School are facing to learn reading skill in English which is utmost essential to learn any language. So, this study is limited to only the problems faced by class-3 students regarding reading skill at the same school mentioned above.


5.Research Design

After having identified the problem faced by the students regarding reading skill which is utmost essential skill in the absence of which one can't learn any language better, and considering the limitation as well, this action research was decided to be conducted on the basis of the conversation made with students by the teacher, daily observation, and other interaction made with students by the researcher. So, question answer or interaction, daily observation, and other conversations meant to evaluate the progress made by the target students in their reading skill in English have primarily used as the tools in this study. And, with the bid to improve the skill deficiency in students mentioned above, students have been exposed with the listening activities and other activities to be done for improving reading skills. Then, on the basis of the activities that done as mentioned above and reflection made after having implemented the strategic actions or strategic interventions, conclusion has been made accordingly.


6.Strategic Interventions/Actions





For making students read out some words and taking actions to improve their reading skill accordingly, the researcher had discussion with some senior teachers from respective field. After having consulted with some persons and professionals in the related field, the researcher decided to....


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