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Action Research : Model Ten

Researcher: Janak Raj Poudel

School : Shree Diwas Secondary school ,Shuklagandaki Tanahun





The people who are engaged in any profession, they must try to be updated and confidence in their profession. Teaching is also a profession where the teachers are engaged so the teachers also should be updated in their profession. Teaching is directly related to students, contents and techniques. While teaching, different problems can be occurred there. The teacher should solve the problems himself/ herself as far as possible. To overcome the problems the teachers need to do action research.


Action research refers to teacher- initiated classroom investigation which seeks to increase the teacher's understanding of classroom teaching and learning, and to bring about change in classroom practices. Action research typically involves small – scale investigative projects in the teacher's own classroom, and consists of a number of phases which often recur in cycles. Therefore, it is also called a cyclical process.


As an English teacher of Hilly region where English is used as the second/ third language, I have been facing many problems and solving them as far as I could. Here I have done my action research being based on one problem. Among them one report of my action research is going to present here. The action research was about developing student's short paragraph writing skill in grade 8 those who couldn't enhance their writing confidence in any given topic.


Writing is the flow of ideas in systematic way using symbols to communicate. Furthermore, the success in learning language can be seen from the ability of the learner's expressing ideas through verbal symbol. However, it is very hard for the second language learners to express ideas, thought in written form, especially English. There are a lot of reasons why they get difficulties in writing, such as lack of knowledge of grammatical pattern, lack of the vocabularies to express the ideas, lack of correct spelling, lack of practice, lack of motivtion and lack of cohesion, coherence and style of writing. Thus, this research includes some activities, technique and different communicative strategies to improve student's writing proficiency of students of 8 in Shree Diwas Secondary School, Shuklagandaki, Tanahun.


This research is a collaborative classroom action research which main purpose is to know whether or not could improve the students' writing skill. The purpose of this research consists of: 

1) To develop better  writing skills using different activities like expanding the text, chain story, organization on of good essay and fluency practice which involve all the students in active participation on workshop of writing activities. 

2) To enhance their confidence, create accuracy and fluency in writing skill. The data of this research were got from the observation done by the teachers after implementing different writing activities to enhance writing skills after teaching by using student centered techniques in developing writing skill. The result showed that there is an improvement on students' writing skills after the implementation of different activities which develop their writing skills from ground level. Therefore, communicative strategies like students' comprehension, accuracy, fluency, vocabulary, grammatical pattern and pronunciation improve student's writing skill.


Action research consists of following four phases in its practices. They are:

  • Plan
  • Act
  • Observation
  • Reflection

Action research if it is carried out in accordance with the essence of it, it functions as the tool for teacher professional development.




Some of the students studying in grade-8 of Shree Diwas Secondary School Shuklagandaki-3 Tanahun never seem to involve in short paragraph writing activities. So, my concern is to identify “What kind of activities involves all the students of grade-8 in enhancing writing proficiency?”





I have been teaching English as lower Secondary level English teacher for 5 years. I noticed that most of the students in the class did not take part in any writing activities. They were nervous to produce utterances in English in written form through verbal symbol inside the classroom. Because of the anxiety, they were unable to develop short paragraph in given topic writing test. I thought there were various challenges that hinder students to deal with writing skill. The students were not provided a lot of opportunity to write in the class. They were not encouraged to write a short paragraph using variety of writing strategies. Somewhere my effort also could not be fruitful due to the ability of students and circumstances. English is problematic subject to the Nepali medium schools. Though the professional teachers' duty is to help to learn the students' problem as far as possible and tried more for the matter. I thought I could improve students' writing proficiency by using varieties of student centered activities in the classroom.




I am lower secondary level English teacher of my school and teach English subject here. There are altogether 30 students. Out of 30 students 10 students were found to participate in writing activities carefully, 10 students had participated partially in writing and rest of the 10 students not even joined in the writing class. As I enquired them about the reason of not participating in writing activities they present various ways to escape from my queries. So, my research was to find reason behind the less participation of students in writing and suggest some remedial measures to improve writing proficiency of those students using varieties of activities.





The following objectives were designed to carry out this action research:

  • To find out the causes of not taking part in the writing activity.
  • To enhance their confidence in writing skill and create fluency in writing by adopting better writing activities.





The possible causes of not taking part in the free writing activities by the students of grade 8 are mentioned below:......

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