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Action Research : Model Eleven

Researcher: Nirmal Chaulagain

Topics: to finding out the root cause of student's absence in the school and to increase their active participation in the regular class.



Most of the school have encountered various hurdles and difficulties in everyday teaching learning process. According to my personal experience student's involvement interest and participation in learning is an essential aspect to be addressed. To increase student's active participation in learning we have to facilitate them to attend school regularly.


Almost all the students of my school (Shree Gothibhanjyang Basic School) are from marginalized group (Chepang) of Nepal, with distinct language, culture, value and awareness which is the challenging aspect for a novice teacher to be familiar with and then to cope with it.


 I have found that many of the students are not eager to attend their regular class during boring school environment, poor family background, parental support, social trends and lack of awareness and impression on formal education system.



The objective of this research is to finding out the root cause of student's absence in the school and to increase their active participation in regular class.



In order to make this research more reliable and authentic, different methods are used. I have tried to collect as much information from the following sources.


 Primary sources

Discussions and personal interview of students, parents, teachers Observations and questionnaires .


Secondary sources

 Books, blogs, articles, newspapers dictionaries and so on.


Strategic plan of PAOR (plan Act Observation and Reflect)

 As an English teacher I used to encounter various problems such as diversified class hesitative behaviour, lack of communication tools and so on in the previous schools. But as a Basic level teacher (at Shree Gothibhanjyang Basic School] .I feel more responsible for my teaching hours and about the subjects where I found many problems. Almost all of the students in my school are from Marginalized community group Chepang. Bad traditions, illiteracy, lack of awareness, and access are some of the back draws of the society which directly associates the situations of the students obviously. In this situation most of the parents are not so serious to send the student school regularly. Some students leave home to the school but not attend the class. When we indicate those facts to the parents they took it lightly. .....

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