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Action Research : Model Thirteen

Researcher: Mrs. Jhuma Devi Kattel (Kafle), 

qualification: MA (Sociology), B.Ed. (English)

Subject: English and Social Teacher

School : Aadarsha Secondary School, Ilam Municipality-07, Suntalabari, Ilam, Nepal



1.Background of  the study

Teaching grammar is one of the most important teaching   items of a language teaching process .The language based upon the grammar. But sometimes language is applied .So linguistically using language is more important than the grammar. Therefore, what the speaker speaks is more important in language. If he/she doesn't know the correct pattern of speaking his /her speaking will be applied.  


      I've been teaching in grade 8 since two years in my school as an English   teacher.  During this period, I've assessed and observed my students. I found they are very weak at writing negative sentences .I made them practice sometimes but the result was not satisfactory. Then, I thought of an idea and used it in that class to solve the problem. It was the practice of changing negative from affirmative and affirmative to negative which are related to the Subject , auxiliary /helping verbs and sometimes other words or the sentences like Let's go and Let us go change  into negative .The action research has been presented here.


2.Significance of the study


Action research is very important because it helps not only the current problem but also to generate so many innovative ideas and implement items in the teaching and learning process.


3.Objectives The objectives of the action research were as follows:                                       

  • To make the students able to change simple sentences affirmative to negative and negative to affirmative.

  • To make the students able to change complex sentences which don't have helping /auxiliary verbs. (i.e.; Let's go and Let us go)


4.Identification of problem                                                                              

In my school, most of the students of grade 8 were very weak in different types of grammatical items. Among them changing sentences into negative by using 'not' is also difficult for them .If there is any auxiliary verb or without   it.

4.1   Evidence of the problem

a . Regular class-work judgment


b.Before action research was carried out, I constructed a class test on writing simple sentences which have auxiliary /helping verbs into negative by adding 'not'.


c.Most of the errors are found in complex sentences for them which do not have auxiliary/helping verbs.


4.2. Possible causes of the problem

a.Lack of sufficient uses of those types of sentences at this level.


b.Inappropriate teaching methods and techniques.


c.Lack of pre-knowledge about this grammatical item




4.3 The intervening cause:                

            The inappropriate teaching teacher has been selected as the cause of the problems. It is the main cause of fact that teaching techniques is the main cause of success in teaching and learning well and makes the learner's more careful in those types of sentences.


4.4 Possible solution   to the problem

 Many inductive teaching techniques can be used solve the given problem .Like;

a.Repetition drills (drill practice)

b.Sentence formation contest

c.word game


4.5 The intervening solution

   The firstly mentioned solution i.e.; drills practice as repetition drill has been selected and implemented to solve the given problem. The students can learn easily and I can manage the class easily when I divide the class....



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