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Researcher : Janak Raj Poudel

School : Shree Diwas Secondary School

Address : Shuklagandaki- 3 ,Tanahun

Topics: Improving students reading proficiency


1.Identification of the problem

Two students studying in grade 8 of Shree Shree Diwas Secondary School Shuklagandaki Tanahun seems to have low level of participation in reading activities. What kind of activities helps these two weak students of grade 8 in enhancing reading proficiency?


2.Statement of the problem

There are various challenges in English language classroom which directly hinders in students learning. Among these problems two students in my English classroom couldn't read the textbook in correct pronunciation with accuracy and fluency. I provide them enough opportunity to read the textbook but they weren't encouraged to read the given text and enhance their reading proficiency. My effort couldn't be fruitful in uplifting reading skills due to their ability and different circumstances. The main problem is English is taught as second language in our schools and learning English is problematic for the students of Nepali medium schools.


3.Evidence of the problem

I am Lower secondary level teacher teaching in Shree Diwas Secondary School Tanahun. I have been teaching English subject in grade 8 in this school since last 2 years. There are 30 students in my classroom. Among those students 15 students are actively participate in reading activities and they are good in reading in any given text. And 13 of them are partially participating in reading activities and they are not so good in reading in any text. At last remaining 2 students are hardly participated in reading activities. So due to the above mentioned circumstance my concern is to find out reason behind their less participation in reading activities and suggests some remedial measures to improve their reading skills adopting effective strategies.


4.Objectives of the research

The objectives of this research are as follows:

  • To find out reasons behind students less participation in reading activities.


  • To suggest some remedial measures in enhancing students reading proficiency.


5.Possible causes of the problems

The possible causes of the two students of grade 8 in not taking active participation in reading activity are listed below:

  • Lack of motivation


  • Lack English learning environment in the classroom.


  • Lack of reading habit of English textbook at home.


  • Fear of possible errors.


  • Lack of enough reading practice in and outside the classroom.


  • Due to shyness and hesitation.


  • Lack of vocabulary power and grammar.


  • Lack of attention.


6.Possible solving measures of the problems

  • Firstly, I will start teaching inside the classroom by modeling myself the reading text given in the textbook and make rest of the students to follow me. Then I will make some other good students to read the same text in the same procedure.


  • Secondly, I will make students to underline the new words in their textbook which they felt difficult in pronunciation and I will teach them the correct pronunciation of those words and make them to read aloud those new words in group so that they could pronounce with correct accuracy and fluency.


  • Thirdly, I will divide the students in 6 different groups and I put them in circle. There are 5/5 students in each groups. Then I will make each student to read 1/1 sentence turn by turn in circle of short paragraph.


  • Fourthly, I will provide ample opportunity for the student's to read seen text from their textbook and at the same time I will provide some English short paragraph in the form of text cut out and will make to read those sentences.


  • Lastly, I will implement many techniques such as practicing dialogue of textbook, storytelling, news reading, reading short paragraph in chain, expanding the sentences of the textbook by reading the text etc.


7.Procedures of action

The procedure of action research is based on cyclic process where for all alternatives with plan are applied until getting the achievements. Regarding cyclic process they are plan....

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